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Dev Diary

Dev Diary #7

It's been a couple of weeks since the last dev diary, but there has been quite a bit of ...
Dev Diary

Dev Diary #2

Last week, I was aiming to release upgrades for Faster Woo Widgets and External Images. ...
Plugin Updates

Update to Super Speedy Search released

I've just released an update to fix some issues with Super Speedy Search. Firstly, I've ...
Plugin Updates

Relevancy Options added to Super Speedy Search plugin

In todays upgrade, I've added a new feature to let you choose how the results of the ...
Case Studies

Getting Rehub Working with Super Speedy Plugins Plugins

Since pivoting the business slightly to focus almost entirely on plugin development, I've ...
Case Studies

Foundthru demo site of Super Speedy Plugins plugins

The Foundthru site has been built to demonstrate the functionality and performance of the ...

Super Speedy Search (beta) is here and free for all Scalability Pro customers

The very first version of Super Speedy Search is finally here. It's still in beta, so ...
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