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Avoid Cache-busting Plugins

Traffic spikes tend to hit one or two pages on your site, so to profit from traffic ...

Configuring NginX to pass through real IP Addresses from Cloudflare, compatible with fail2ban and WordPress

Nginx is awesome - really fast compared to Apache. Cloudflare is also awesome - a fast ...

Using Custom Fonts On Your WordPress Site

Uploading and using Custom Fonts on your Wordpress website is not as difficult as you ...

PushEngage Plugin Performance Warning

I'm busy working on a cool new plugin to let me chat directly with my customers. When I ...
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How To: Install the fastest server stack for WordPress on Digital Ocean using Server Pilot in less than 30 minutes

Here's what you will get by following this guide: The Server Pilot interface to manage ...
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Complete guide to WordPress security

Here it is people - the complete guide to Wordpress security. In this guide I'm going to ...
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DIY Mercury installation for super fast WordPress performance

I've just released a new service to set up, migrate and configure your Wordpress site for ...
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