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Добрый день, хочу купить плагин "Price Comparison pro"

Подскажите пожалуйста смогу ли я массово добавлять и сравнивать цены на 10000 товаров одновременно (То есть задать конкретную категорию товаров (например: женские кроссовки) или бренд (например: Samsung) и сможет ли данный плагин сравнить все цены на одинаковые товары из данных категорий с разных интернет-магазинов (напиример: Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress и т.д)

Сможет ли данный плагин сравнивать цены для 10000 товаров одновременно и автоматически или же нужно будет каждый раз забивать конкретные названия товаров.

Жду ответа.

С уважением Юлия.

Заранее огромное спасибо

(edited to include translation)

Hello, I want to buy the plugin "Price Comparison pro"

Can you please tell me if I can massively add and compare prices for 10,000 products at the same time (That is, set a specific category of products (for example: women's sneakers) or a brand (for example: Samsung) and whether this plugin will be able to compare all prices for the same products from these categories from different online stores (for example: Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc.)

Will this plugin be able to compare prices for 10,000 products simultaneously and automatically, or will it be necessary to fill in specific product names each time.

Waiting for an answer.

Best regards Julia.

Thank you very much in advance

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi – in automatic mode, it doesn’t yet have the functionality for matching products up from different sources – you have to provide that information manually.

The automatic thing it DOES have is to provide combined site search against each source – so, you could perform a site search against these multiple merchants using the specific name and brand on the product detail page (or wherever you like on your site) and then depending on how the search results come back from each merchant this should give you what you need.

As for automatically attaching affiliate links, the search comparison widget I’ve just described can make automatic affiliate links for the vast majority of affiliate networks, e.g. where their affiliate link builder is of the format of http://www.affiliatenetwork.com/affid=x&url={merchanturl}

I think there’s only 1 network which doesn’t provide a link builder in that format and you have to create each affiliate link individually.

Alternatively, it can also link with SkimLinks to automatically insert affiliate links for you.

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