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We have been optimising WordPress since 2016. If you find our plugins are not enough for your specific scenario, it is possible to hire us to completely fix your performance issues.

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We practice customer-driven development and we help clients with bespoke performance problems. Read on to discover the various ways in which you can hire Super Speedy Plugins. We want you to never have to worry about WordPress performance ever again.

None of these options are purchasable from this page – instead you must fill out a quote request form or chat to Dave first through Discord to secure his services.


Performance consultancy is available to talk about anything performance and scalability related directly with Dave Hilditch, our founder. He will personally analyse and assess your performance bottlenecks and coach your staff through the best path to reach performance-nirvana. This can cover your entire WordPress stack, your hosting, your configs, your custom code, your 3rd party plugin choices – anything at all, no matter what you are doing with WordPress.

This consultancy work can also include custom code and custom SQL to transform the speed of your platform, plugin, theme or service offering. All performance optimisations through this consultancy work will be measured and proven, with guides and coaching provided to your staff to help avoid running into these issues ever again.

Retainer options are available on request too.

Subsidised development

We offer this subsidized development option for any features or code that will benefit our plugins.

This is effectively a queue-jumping pass. If you pay for a feature request to be implemented, it will be prioritised before other feature requests and you’ll get to help control the direction and implementation of the feature.

Since this development helps others and helps our plugins, we charge a third of the hourly rate we would normally charge for development work AND we offer a guaranteed fixed price meaning we take on the risk of it taking longer or being more complicated than anticipated.


We have many clients who have massive imports they need to run. If you need millions of items imported or updated on a regular basis, we can help you get set up in a variety of ways depending on your scenario and requirements.

Custom Development

We don’t tend to take on custom development work unless it benefits our plugins in some way, but in some scenarios we may do so. Minimum hours apply for the Custom Development option.

WordPress Management or Plugin Config

We are aware that the mixture of plugins and themes in the WordPress ecosystem can regularly lead to issues, complications and doubts. Our WordPress Management option gives you the option to hire us to configure your plugins for you. This can include our own plugins – we know setting up Super Speedy Filters perfectly can be complicated!

For this option, we will require you to give us a staging server along with your end goals. This work will be carried out by a developer under Dave’s supervision. You will get a summary doc including screenshots of all the settings chosen and the reasons for them, along with pitfalls to watch out for in the future.


How We Prioritise

At Super Speedy, our plugins take precedence. We follow a prioritised workflow to ensure efficient delivery for everyone, outlined below.
Similarly, we have a preferred approach to support. For details, please see our kb article for how to get support

Top Priority

Critical Bugs

We prioritise fixing critical bugs in any of our plugins over all other work. Critical bugs include bugs which break websites or break existing core functionality.

Fixing these will take priority over paid-for work.

Site-breaking bugs

They are rare, but if they happen we drop everything to fix them.

Bugs which break existing functionality

If we rolled out an update and it broke existing functionality, we will drop everything to either rollback the update or fix the bug and release another update.

Customer Support

Ask questions on our Super Speedy Plugins Q&A page or for even better and faster support join us on Discord.

We answer Q&A in this priority order:

  1. Q&A in our public Discord channels
  2. Public Q&A on our website
  3. Private Q&A to Dave – please try and avoid this

Second Priority

Paid Work

We practice customer-driven development and we help clients with bespoke performance problems.

Performance Consultancy

WordPress performance consultancy directly from Dave, with custom solutions and staff coaching for lasting speed improvements.

Subsidised Development

Add or boost a feature request to the top of our list for a discounted rate. Request or see existing Feature Requests.


Ensure seamless setup and management for large-scale imports.

Custom Development

Get exactly what you need with our Custom Development. 

WordPress Management

Installation and setup of our plugins, complete with a customised guide including screenshots and explanations for chosen settings.

Third Priority


Any bugs that don’t cause critical or major issues on the website.

Notices & Warnings

Deprecated notices, missing settings when first installed, issues that will possibly become errors in the future.  

Bugs with workarounds

Temporary fixes for non-critical bugs that won’t affect performance. 

Cosmetic bugs

Issues that can be fixed with CSS.

Fourth Priority

Unpaid Work

All work that isn’t specifically being paid for by clients and will always be working on in the background.

Customer driven feature requests

You can vote for which unpaid features we will try to get to first, submit your own, or boost with our subsidised development on our Feature Requests page.


Our products are great but getting our name out there is a slow process. Help us out by sharing on Facebook.


We are always looking to improve our products and with our cutting-edge plugins, research is an essential part of our development.


Knowledge base docs, articles, and educational videos. We aim to document everything as we go and Dave will regularly record his screen as he investigates something so others can learn.

Specification: Hire Super Speedy Plugins


Performance, Imports, Consultancy, Migrations, Ticket Hours, Custom Development, Subsidised Dev, Pack Installation, WordPress Management, Managed Hosting

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  1. Jake F (verified owner)

    Dave has a deep knowledge of WordPress and databases. Our large e-shop now runs faster thanks to Dave’s tweaks and installation of Scalability Pro plugin.

    He developed a new feature because our shop had thousands terms in a single attribute and the admin single product page was slow loading.

    Thanks to David our shop now runs faster than ever!

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  2. Santiago Valdés (verified owner)

    Dave helped us increase speed overall on our e-commerce site. His plugins were super helpful in reducing heavy queries and support was always great.

    + PROS: Good understanding of WP Good support
    - CONS: Nothing really to say
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  3. Richard (verified owner)

    Working with Super Speedy Plugins was an absolute delight. Their expertise in technical IT assistance truly made a difference in optimizing our performance and look with one of their plugins. Despite the initial lack of a public product for review, their professionalism and dedication shone through. I am thoroughly impressed with their work and will definitely be utilizing their services again in the future. Super Speedy Plugins comes highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch performance solutions.

    + PROS: Expertise: Super Speedy Plugins demonstrated deep knowledge and expertise in layout and technical IT assistance. Efficiency: They delivered results promptly and efficiently, ensuring timely resolution of issues.
    - CONS: actually none
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  4. Stuart B. (verified owner)

    I’ve used these plugins for years with amazing results. Dave and his team have also worked with me on multiple occasions on different projects – from simple web work through to new application creation and implementation.

    + PROS: Dave and his team are super attentive to questions and queries. I’ve nick named him Jedi Dave as he’s a code wizard who definitely lives within the light side.
    - CONS: Can’t think of any cons. Usually the first thing I’d think of to find fault would be customer service but no complaints there at all.
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  5. Ben G. (verified owner)

    Dave did some bespoke work on our site – a high-traffic e-commerce site – when we had problems with an inexplicably slow checkout and duplicate orders being created. It was a big problem for us.

    After a couple of hours, Dave had the checkout loading faster, using Scalability Pro and a few database tweaks. But the issue of duplicate orders took a little longer. He made a back-up of the site on a Rocket Stack to try and duplicate the issue and ran Xdebug on it…

    Gradually, he managed to identify and unpick the issues – which seemed to be the perfect storm of an old lead-form split-test hammering the database; slow from cURL calls; some queries with no usable indexes; faulty debug code from a previous developer; and a couple of plugins causing errors in the Checkout and therefore duplicate orders.

    He did an amazing job… The site is running faster than before on wp-admin as well as the front of the site; checkout is smooth and quick. No more bugs and no more duplicate orders. He’s good!

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    • Dave Hilditch

      Thank you Ben. It was a pleasure working with you – you have a great site and I’m glad I could help.

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