1142 options set to autoload

Mike A. asked 8 years ago

"You have 1142 options set to autoload. This is too many and will be slowing down your site significantly. Contact us through our Q & A section for assistance in fixing this and we'll deploy a fix specific to your situation." What should I do now? Thanks.

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Vasil Y. answered 8 years ago

Greetings Mike, deepest apologies for the very delayed answer. Dave is currently working on rolling out a fix for this particular issue, as several other customers have been experiencing it as well. Please have a look at this link in regards of upcoming features for the Performance Plugin. I will make sure to follow up with you accordingly and update you as soon as there is some development on the matter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mike A. replied 8 years ago

Thank you, Vasil! Much appreciated and looking forward to these enhancements. Let me know if you need any beta testing.

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