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Hi there!

I just wonder, do we need plugins like "ACF Custom Database Tables" when Scalability Pro is used?


ACF Custom Database Table(Paid)

ACF to Custom Database Tables(Free)

I use ACF for my wordpress build. As you might already know the purpose of using Custom Tables for ACF is to speed-up the querrying process by putting all the details in a single row of the table rather than allow the usual behavior of the ACF to place the entries in multiple rows.... These ACF plugins makes it possible to store ACF data in structured database tables instead of WordPress core meta tables.

After installing Scalability Pro, do we still need a plugin for creating ACF custom table - can we just skip it?

I don't know whether "Scalability Pro" does exactly as ACF custom tables plugin? and even more.

Thanks for your WP speedy plugins, i have heard great things about them. I was refered to your plugin by an excelent Youtube Wordpress Tutor "David McCan".

Patiently waiting for your inputs.

Thanks in advance.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Scalability Pro speeds things up in your database WITHOUT creating extra tables. So – it’s likely that specifically for ACF that these custom tables will be faster for ACF-related functions but I would need to test and measure it with a site that uses ACF heavily.

Do you have a site like that where I can run tests?

Also – I had a look at David McCan’s YouTube channel but couldn’t find mention of our plugins – where did you hear from us specifically? I’d like to see or read what he said.

Loreal T. answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply.

After sometime i realized what Scalability Pro does as compared to the Custom Database Tables.

I don’t have a site which is ACF-driven for running tests.

As for David McCan, he suggested me Scalability Pro personally in a comment-reply on one of his YT videos which was about "Pros and Cons of Four Custom Field Plugins and Their Page Builder Support".

Here is the link to my comment on his YT video. My username is "Lee". Please look for David McCan’s 2nd reply, the ending line of the 1st paragraph. Quote:"If your site has a large database you might want to check out the tools from wpintense dot com."

May be you could partnership with people like

David McCan –

WPTuts –

Digital Ambition –

IsotropicTV – WordPress For Non-Techies –

Ferdy Korpershoek –

Just saying. As there is hardly any awareness about Scalability Pro plugin out there.

Thanks for the help.

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