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Krzysztof K. asked 5 years ago

Hi, Installed SCALABILITY PRO, where I can put API Key?

I used All Import plugin for import 6000 products, its very slow - Its nothing changed after install this plugin.



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Liza T. replied 5 years ago

SCALABILITY PRO does not greatly affect the speed of loading of goods in All Import. Or you have a weak server or problems with settings All Import. And if you use Link Cloaking Add-On in All Import then it slows down imports very much.

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Krzysztof K. answered 5 years ago

Is possible help me with setup this plugin?

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 years ago

Scalability pro improves the speed of imports only once you already have a lot of products imported. The specific thing it helps with is ‘existing product lookup’.

re: API key, you only need that for the Scraping Service if you are using Price Comparison Pro.

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