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. asked 2 years ago


i have build a woocommerce Store with 10000 digital Items, i want to add a price comparison.

Is there any way to automatch urls in your plugin? Affiliate links will look like this:

I dont want to insert this manually in all 10000 items :)

Im looking forward to hear from you.


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Price comparison requires multiple URLs in order to perform the comparison. If you are simply looking to get up to date prices from your affiliated URLs, then Price Comparison Pro does this by default using the WooCommerce external url meta for the product.

If you wish to construct comparison URLs against that, you will need a way of importing those alternative URLs for that product. Making this part easier is definitely in the pipeline but probably not until May this year.

Alternatively, you can use our Search Comparison which you could set up with the various merchants you have – are you saying you only have one merchant?

Alex . replied 2 years ago

no i have more than one merchant. Currently i imported all products from one of them. But the goal is to have a price comparison for the digital game keys

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