michael p. asked 8 years ago

I am having some issues with my page... The WPI plugin helps a little but not significant enough, i thought it would be a little better... It is still taking about 8 seconds to load on 45 thousand items, im worried i wont be able to add much more then this, after watching your video I thought maybe a million products would be possible.... Is there a wait time for the indexes or should the plugin work right away?

Are you going to be doing any fixes to the Asthetics of the filters as well. I had to deactivate all of them because they were not designed to well. No offense, just personally like the ones that came with my theme and they only add a second of site speed.

Thanks, Michael

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

The plugin disables a bunch of slow actions and filters WooCommerce creates. The latest release, v2.7, adds an option which allows you to keep these actions and filters which will fix your top search bar, although you’ll get better performance if you change this widget area to use the WPI category widget.

michael p. replied 8 years ago

Also after activating the plugin all my categories in my search bar on top are gone.

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Michel J. answered 8 years ago

Perhaps Dave can write down the system requirements anyone needs to use this plugin at his best for example, (ubuntu, nginx, 4gb ram, 2cpu etc etc). I think the plugin can even be greater with some faq and how ot use the plugin.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

re: System requirements, there are no minimum requirements really, but I am building a FAQ and a bunch of tutorial videos. If you have 16GB RAM that is WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH for only 50,000 products.

michael p. replied 8 years ago

my site is running off a very good server. 16gb of ram amongst other features. WORDPRESS is just slow in general I was hoping this plugin was the fix.

Dave H. answered 8 years ago

Please upgrade to the latest version – it includes lots of options to control and improve performance.

There are notes about the upgrade here:

re: Aesthetics, there are CSS classes provided so you can style as you wish, but I’m taking requests for visual desires as I’m going to add some default options in the next upgrade.

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