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adie d. asked 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Can you please contact me.

adie d. replied 8 years ago

Monday Sept 5 2016

Hi Dave,

How are you?

just a quick heads up………….i have sent you an email with the Q&A (doc) that you wanted.

Let me know when you get the email please.


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adie d. answered 8 years ago

Hello Dave,

As a very loyal customer of yours since the beginning, i am a little miffed as to why it has taken a over a month to get back to me via Whatsapp. I am compelled to write here as i would like all your customers to read what you have to say with your very short answer.

"It’s not happening. I’ve got friends and family getting involved and basically minimum client project size is £ 95,000 now.

I highly recommend http://www.codeable.oi

They will definitely be able to do what you need.

I’m going to put up aform up on the site for people nedding work done that feeds through to codable".

I for one, am probably not the only customer here having concerns about your total lack of contact, we all understand that you are very very busy person, and would suggest an email response to any of your customers or potential clients as a common courtesy, this is called "CUSTOMER SERVICE" it costs nothing and is usually given in any good business.

I see by your brief answer that you will have little time for smaller clients now, and it seems you will be sharing the workload with family and friends, i would suggest any of them to set up an email contact and response for you.

1. I and others would like to know if you will still be supporting your customers and your prices for

website building services & all of your plugins over at AWD?


£995 Perfect to get you started with WordPress


£2495 Start your online shop or service promotion


£4995 We build your site and make your first sales for you

2. Will you still be supporting all of your plugins that your customers have purchased and still need support for?

Will you have a team to answer questions, and support them?

Dave H. answered 8 years ago

Hi Adie – I’m sorry you’re miffed – I’ve been working hard with friends and colleagues to establish a solid business plan that I’m happy to move forward with.

The situation is – there are plenty of affordable Wordpress developers out there that you can hire for your bog standard WordPress websites – I highly recommend if you need WordPress development work done. They will be cheaper than me and get it done more quickly.

This change of direction is deliberate and specifically SO that we can focus on supporting the customers of our plugins. So in summary, no more client work – only plugin development and support.

I will take on very ocassional client work – like maybe 1 or 2 projects per year – but only if the fit is right, and probably it will be performance/scalability related.

I do really wish I had the ability and resource to help you out with your website. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

FYI, I’ve updated the WordPress dev page you refer to:

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