(Datafeedr) "Scrape as product sets run" does not update the woocommerce prices

P L. asked 4 years ago


I use Datafeedr and have the option enabled to "Scrape as product sets run" (only the price).

On the single product page I see that the prices are updated in the price comparion panel, but the prices in woocommerce are not updated according to that.

Clicking "refresh price" in the panel (on the product single page) does update the woocommerce product price. But I would like the woocommerce product price to be updated when i run the product set updates.

Any suggestions or solutions for fixing that?

Best regards

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

This looks like a bug. I’ve checked the code and the actual code looks correct. In order to figure this out, I’ll need access to your debug.log and SFTP and a wp-admin account on your dev site where I can see this happening.

Can you please update your original question above and add this private info?

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