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Liza T. asked 5 years ago
Hello, please help:
  1. How to make the categories title stay from Yoast SEO? I have a unique title for each category, when used FWW it changes to the generated title. How to make the generation of the title only when choosing a filter?
  2. Title and description Product Tags when using the plugin FWW disappear altogether, not displayed not Yoast SEO, not FWWThanks.
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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi – please can you submit (1) as a feature request and (2) as a bug report and I’ll get them implemented ASAP?

I’m due to be working on FWW again tomorrow.

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

Note: These options are now all in the beta version tested and confirmed working. You can see progress here:

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