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. asked 3 years ago

Hi,After enabling scalability pro, we\'re getting a 500 error. Diving into the error (posted privately), it appears that the theme the website is using something that scalability pro is also using:Snippet:PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tgmpa() (previously declared inIs there any simply solution here, or how should this be approached?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi – our plugin performs an IF (!function_exists(‘tgmpa’)) prior to declaring the function.

The other plugin should also do this – please notify the authors of that plugin that they have coded this function definition poorly.

The actual code from tgmpa (a function for handling plugin updates) includes this if (!function_exists…) code so I’m not sure why they code this in that way.

Alternatively, you could add the if statement yourself around their function declaration by altering their code.

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