External image – WpAllImport multiple pic in one field

. asked 4 years ago

Good evening sir,

how is possiple to import multiple image using external image plugin into wp all import?

Actually on my csv file, all image link are inside one column separated by comma and when running the import whit external image it import only the first image.

Awaiting yours


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

It’s preferable that you separate your images using the | separator because some images on some platforms actually have commas in the image URL.

However, the External Images plugin does include compatibility for comma separated image URLs with the caveat that if your image URLs contain a comma then those specific images will fail to be imported.

So – either switch from using commas to using a pipe symbol for guaranteed compatibility, or ensure you avoid images with commas in the URL and just copy that single source field to the external_image_url Custom Field.

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