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. asked 4 years ago

I did an import with WP All Import and eerything worked as expected. One issue is we do not have all images for all products in our external librabry. I have the WooCommerce setting configured correctly to use a fallback image, but after the import I\'m seeing missing images for our products that do not have an external image.Is there a way External Images can use the WooCommer e fallback image if the remote image doesn\'t exist?Thanks

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

Sorry about delay – impromptu holiday last week, back on the case now.

Kerstin K. replied 4 years ago

We have the same Problem and open a support ticket 10 days ago. No solution or no reaction. The next Problem is Image disappears after selecting a variation. Only a reload brings it back.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Kevin – it definitely SHOULD be using the existing image if there is one, in fact it was altered so that if there is an uploaded image then that will be prioritised over the external image.

Can you please send credentials to your site – wp-admin and SFTP over in a ticket and I’ll take a look and figure out a fix?

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

The latest version 2.51 works more gracefully so if the external image URL doesn’t exist it will default to the existing woo fallback image.

Kevin replied 4 years ago

Hi – I was able to resolve this issue. What I was doing was importing using WP All Import and setting the custom field “external_image_url” for all products – even if the external image didn’t exist. I had assumed that if the external image was not found (404 error) that the external image would not be used and the Woo fallback image would be used instead. That’s not the case, so I created a custom PHP function for WP All Import to use during the import to check if the file exists, and if it does the “external_image_url” will be set. If the file doesn’t exist the “external_image_url” doesn’t get set and the default Woo fallback image is used as expected.

Kevin replied 4 years ago

Hi Dave – just to clarify, if there is an external image for the product, it works perfectly. We do not have a case where we are uploading images to the product, we only use external images. The issue is when there is no external image found (image does not exist and there is a 404).

Do you have a private email where I can send debug credentials?

. answered 1 year ago

what if later the extermal image is removed since the external product is not available from the affiliate? How do you stop img src to images that are no longer available?

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