External Images gallery, randomly wont show product images

. asked 1 year ago

Hi,Thank you for an awesome plugin. I got one problem though. While featured image with external images works perfectly, gallery images dont. For some reason images in gallery wont always show up in product view. The problem occur quite randomly and sometimes it works. Gallery images does show up in \"edit product\" view without any problems. I tried different themes and didn\'t notice any difference.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Make sure you download the latest version, there was an update just a couple of days ago to improve variation galleries.

Failing that, try disabling any image lazy load plugins for your product detail views and it should work.

You can also come join our Discord to speak directly to me and I can replicate what you’re seeing locally and figure out a fix for you.

Dave H. Staff replied 1 year ago

Ok, I’m going to implement a fix for this. I may need you to run a bulk update against your products to change a postmeta value, I can explain how to do a bulk update like this using your export/import tool if you don’t have a bulk updater plugin.

Markus P. replied 1 year ago

I found out that updating product in product edit view actually made images to show up. Problem is that I’m having thousands of products so thats kinda frustrating to update them one by one. Updating products in bulk wont do the trick :/

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