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harvey m. asked 4 years ago

Hi Dave,

For best performance, should I host my websites images on Amazon S3 or a CDN? Is the difference noticable if I'm catering only to the USA?

Also, I currently have all my photos (~65000) on my websites server (DO 4 Core 8GB). How much of a performance improvemt should I expect?


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

For best performance, a CDN would be faster – S3 is slower storage.

If you have 65,000 photos on your server, the primary issue is really storage space – that’s why most people would choose to use External Images. WordPress creates multiple sized copies of your images which quickly uses up disk space.

Note: Another option is to store your images on S3 and put a CDN in front of S3 so you get the large storage from S3 and cached speed of the CDN for your most popular images.

harvey m. replied 4 years ago

Thanks for your response. I actually ended up moving all the photos to a Wasabi bucket and I’m using Cloudflares CDN. I definitely saw a small improvement in speed.

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