External WordPress Images for Product gallery slowing down pageload?

Kevin G. asked 4 years ago


I´m using your external image plugin. But when i open a product page it takes about 9 sec to only load the image. I ´m using lazyload, cache , but nothing helps .

Can you tell me what mistake im doing?

You can check it by take a look at gtmetrix for this url as an example https://sport.dealreich.de/wintersport/skisport/sonstige-skisportartikel/stuf-basic-protektorshort-herren-protektor-short-113208-9501

Kevin G. replied 4 years ago

sry pagespeed not pageload

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

It looks like cloudfront is trying to resize the image for you. Can you switch that feature off and retry?

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