External WordPress Images plugin issue

Nicholas R. asked 8 years ago

Using the External WordPress Images plugin we have some issue.

  1. On our site the category images work, but not the product page. Do you why it might be? https://www.zerozero.site/product/rutland-blue-suede-collarless-trench-coat/ I tried an alternate external WordPress Images plugin and the image shows.
  2. The plugin also seems to give an issue when wpsmush is enabled. It prevent posts updating. I guess as its trying to smush that image too?

Can you help....


Jonny S. replied 8 years ago

Same issue. Product page not showing featured image but when you can see the picture in the back office product.

2 Answers
Dave H. answered 8 years ago

1) You’re using a woocommerce image slider – if you can tell me the name of it I can make the external images plugin compatible with it in next release

2) I was not aware it’s incompatible with smush – I’ll fix this in the next release

Nicholas R. answered 8 years ago

I think the theme uses Flexslider


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