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the website we are developing has +100.000 records. I'm starting to use FacetWP to manage filters on custom field, integrated into oxygen builder template. Is your plugin compatible with oxygen? What does it mean beta? Do you have a stable release? Is there a demo plugin we can try on our database?


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Beta means we are still actively developing features and our docs are out of date.

Most beta releases are stable – where they are not, a quick hot fix is typically released. There are no auto-updates for beta releases currently, although this will change soon since both Super Speedy Filters and Super Speedy Search are coming out of beta soon.

We provide all the historical versions so if you upgrade and something doesn’t work, you can easily downgrade again.

We are compatible with oxygen – easiest technique is using the extra shortcode widget area we create, add your filters in there, then place that shortcode into your oxygen template.

We ask that you test beta versions on your dev or staging site since it’s very hard to test all possible plugin and theme combinations.

We have a demo site available, and we can clone it for you so you can try the plugins on our clone, or you can see our 60-day money back guarantee and join us with confidence.

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