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Hello,I\'m thinking about buying the plugin Super Speedy Filters for multiple sites but I\'ve 2 questions I want to check before I do so.1: Is it possible to have only one active filter at the time? So I have multiple brands as Nike, Adidas, Puma. If Adidas is now active and the next click is to activate Nike, the Adidas filter has to deactivate and only the Nike filter has to be active.2: Are those links indexable by default? My url\'s will be as follows: /[main-cat]/[sub-cat]/[brand] So for example with the results of question 1 I get something like:/clothing/jeans/nike/clothing/jeans/adidasThose url\'s will be indexed by Google right? I hope to here from you :)

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago
  1. Yes, you get complete control over how the filters interact with each other. With your example, you would set your brands filter to Multiselect:No and then when users select Nike they would be on /brand/nike/ then if they select Adidas they would be on /brand/adidas/. There is another part to this that you may be interested in too. That is the ‘Respect other filters’ option. For example, if you have a colour filter, your user may be on /brand/nike/colour/white/ and then when they select Adidas you can either have them be taken to /brand/adidas/ or to /brand/adidas/colour/white/. If you set Respect Other Filters to ‘no’ then changing brand in this case would go to /brand/adidas/

  2. By default yes, but you get complete control over this aspect too. For example, you can choose to allow Google to index URLs which contain maximum 2 taxonomies and maximum 1 term per taxonomy. This, for example, would allow /brand/adidas/ to be indexed but also /brand/adidas/colour/white/ to be indexed, but /brand/adidas/colour/white/size/42/ would not be indexed with this example. You can also choose whether each taxonomy should be indexed too, so you get complete control over SEO. It’s one of the most important features of the plugin for our users.
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