FWW adding conflicting NoIndex + Canonical tags to pages

harvey m. asked 4 years ago

Hi Dave,

I noticed that FWW is adding conflicting NoIndex + Canonical tags to archive pages.This is meesing up in Google Search Console, and I don't want these tags added to pages.

Is there any setting or hook that I can apply to disable all FWW's SEO "enhancements"? I just want to use the filter for it's speed, not for SEO.

Also, I don't want google to index all the filtered archive pages, as I have plenty of attributes and categories, and it is 1. using up my crawl budget and 2. I don't want these to show up in Google.

PS. The I tried the latest beta version of FWW but none of my filters worked any more. I am currently on version 2.25.


Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

Sorry – my email isn’t tracked for this stuff – I’ll check now and get back to you. FYI I’ve updated the Q&A system so you can provide private info here, but I’ll check for your email.

harvey m. replied 4 years ago

Hi Dave, I hope you are doing alright. I emailed you 2 weeks ago and still haven’t received a response. Did you get my email?

harvey m. replied 4 years ago

Thanks Dave! I responded by email regarding this.

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

All of this control has been added into FWW beta – the latest beta version is 2.32.

If you try with 2.32 and are still experiencing your filters not working then please enable your debug log and update your question with any errors from the log.


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

These features are all included in FWW Beta. You can download new and old versions of each plugin you’ve purchased from the My Account -> Downloads area.

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