harvey m. asked 3 years ago

Hi Dave,

I tried using FWW with Oxygen Builder, and the CSS is messed up. The way Oxygen Builder works is that it disables themes and default widget areas, and you can insert widgets directly into the Oxygen templates. This could be interfering with FWW's CSS.

It seems that if I put the FWW widgets into the [fww-sidebar] widget and then put that into my template, the filters show up, but missing css. however if I put the fww shortcodes directly into my template, they don't render at all.

Can you please check this out?


harvey m. replied 3 years ago

Hi, is anyone monitoring these Q and A’s?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

The correct thing to do with these templating systems (like Oxygen builder but there are others) is to use the FWW sidebar area in Appearance -> Widgets. Then in your templating system add [fww-sidebar] wherever you want the widgets to appear.

If you are seeing CSS issues, it sounds like your builder has some strong CSS (e.g. they might be using the !important flag) – if this is the case, can you please create an example on your dev site and send me a link and I’ll be able to see which CSS is being overridden and I’ll update the CSS to stick despite what these builders do.

If you could update your question with a link to an example then I’ll update the CSS for you.

harvey m. replied 3 years ago

Hi Dave, I sent it a few days ago to davehilditch@superspeedyplugins.com. Take care.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

Harvey – could you please send a copy of Oxygen builder? I need it to add compatibility and fix the css.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

The task is added on this card – https://trello.com/c/8WXnL17h/132-fww-custom-taxonomy-filter

harvey m. replied 3 years ago

Hi Dave, just curious if you can address the CSS issues with Oxygen Builder in the next beta. Thank you.

harvey m. replied 3 years ago

Hi Dave, maybe you should make the website credentials above private. There wasn’t an option when adding the reply. And if you are able to track the issue, please let me know as I’m currently working on a project an would love to use FWW. Thanks!

harvey m. replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your prompt response!

I created you a sandbox install with Oxygen Builder and FWW so you can see the issue. The sandbox is only valid for a few days before it expires. It seems the bullet points in li items and icon fonts, padding, etc are off.
Oxygen builder actually loads very minimal css by default and is very lightweight. It seems that using [fww-sidebar] or actually adding the widget to the template doesn’t really make a difference.

URL http://real-bee.w5.wpsandbox.pro/wp-admin/
User dave
Pass VAr!Jbca52&bpZUnoJEdRQsz


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