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Neo n. asked 3 years ago

Hi Dave,

I have two questions:

  1. Right now when i open the product attribute "Brand" page - for exapmple ABC, then i see that it shows me products not only from the product attribute brand ABC, but also from the product attribute "Store" - ABC.

    I do have two different attributes with the same name, in the example above product brand and product store have the same value "ABC", but i dont want them to work at the same time: i just want to see products from the product attribute brand.

    Please see the attachement.


What can be done in such case?


Neo n. replied 3 years ago

And the second question:
when im on product attribute page – right now I am not able to filter products by products categories.
Could you suggest something?
thanks a lot!

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

If you have slugs which match across different taxonomies then it’s important that you do not remove the prefix.

e.g. if you have /brand/adidas/ and you also have /store/adidas/ then do not select the option to remove /brand/ or /store/ from the URLs as these are required to de-duplicate the duplicate slugs.

Neo n. replied 2 years ago

Fixed filtering by attribute. Filtering by category still doesnt work though.

Neo n. replied 2 years ago

So now when I am on attribute page (lest say /brand/Adidas/) I am not able to filter by product category, by any other attribute either (for example, color or free shipping – it would open the 404 page).

Neo n. replied 2 years ago

Hi Dave, I believe I did none of that. Still not able to filter by category when im on brand or store attribute pages.

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