FWW Messes Up Product Attribute Archives

harvey m. asked 3 years ago

Hi Dave,

Is there an update on when the next stable version of this plugin is coming out?

With the plugin enabled, anytime I go to one of my Product Attribute Archives, it is displayed without styling. As soon as I disable the plugin, everything looks normal.

I presume it has to do with the "Remove /product-category/ prefix" setting (which I have disabled) and the "Attributes-only permalink base" which I have set to "filter". My Woo permalinks are set to "product/". I have saved permalinks multiple times.

Is there any way you can please give me a fix in the next day or two? This is urgent.

Thank you.

harvey m. replied 3 years ago

I find that the only way to get the Product Attributes Archives to render correctly, is to use beta version 2.27 and to set the “Attributes-only permalink base” in the plugin settings to “shop”. Setting it to “filter” does not work. And any version higher than 2.27 doesn’t either work.

I (and I’m sure everyone) would love if you can get this fixed asap ; )

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