How to download updated plugin?

Jimmy J. asked 8 years ago

                                        How do I download the updated WPI plugin version?  Or does it update automatically in Wordpress?  Thank you.

Philip L. replied 8 years ago

You can go into your list of plugins, press “check for update” and then “update”

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Dave H. answered 8 years ago

The plugin needs to be activated, then in the Plugins list click Check for Updates then scroll to the WPI Performance Plugin and click ‘Update’.

You can also do this from the Dashboard->Updates section (plugin needs to be activated though).

Alternatively, download the latest version from your account orders page and upload using FTP. Make sure to visit the settings page if using this technique or deactivate/activate the plugin to get the new indexes.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

Yeah sorry – I’ve run out of time to check this – I will do it in the morning.

Bobette K. replied 8 years ago

Thanks. I see in my error logs you were able to replicate the one of concern (“Specified key was too long…”).

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

Cool – loging in now to check

Bobette K. replied 8 years ago

I just now answered with an “only me & admin” message, with sign in information.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

Can you invite me as admin please so I can review and fix?

Bobette K. replied 8 years ago

The plug-in *was* activated when I tried. This is another reason I believe it isn’t working correctly on my site (in addition to the DB error upon install, see my unresolved thread).

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

Check for update only works if the plugin is activated. It’s not quite standard WP update mechanism, but it simulates it.

Bobette K. replied 8 years ago

FYI, the check for for update procedure did not work for me. When I checked WP reported the plug in was up to date. Downloading the new version and FTPing worked. I had to delete the 2.5 version as my server failed to install the new version with the plugin folders already existing.

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