how to set featured image and variation image separately

a s. asked 3 years ago

my csv contains variations for garments. each garment that has the same product code has 2 images. 1st image is the same on all the rows which is the main image, the 2nd image is of the variation so for a green tee it is a image of a green tee and then for a blue tee the image is of a blue tee and so on.

how do i go about setting the featured product image to be of the main product image and the variations to be set seperatly. currently when using external_image_url im custom fields and setting the first image|second image the featured product image is not set. how do i go about sorting this out

a s. replied 3 years ago

also when colour and size selected the main image does not change only the bottom image changes here is link:

a s. replied 3 years ago

right not to worry i have sorted this issue out, however all images do not appear in gallery instead it only changes when colour and size is selected. is there anyway to show all variation images in product page gallery?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

To answer this question for others:

Products and their variations are separate posts in WordPress. As such, they have their own postmeta.

So – for variations and products, you load the images to external_image_url. You can load one or multiple to that field, separated by the | pipe symbol.

It’s up to you to configure your variation import – many people have 2 import jobs, one for the parent products and one for the variations, but it entirely depends on the source data and the way you configured imports.

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