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Yes, your biggest issue will be storage space for the images - you will want to present small images to users but then provide large images if they purchase. So probably you would do this by creating downloadable woocommerce products which contain a zip of the images or just the full size image. Users would see the small image then they purchase and get access to download the large image.

Yes the website will show a small thumb. When buying a high res image is send.

We will store all the images on a Mysql database in our office.

The question is if we also place the website on our server? Or do we place the website at a host.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Can you come ask these questions on our Discord server please? You just created a whole brand-new question with no context.

re: hosting yourselves or at a host, that’s up to you. If your office has a t1 line and permanent IP then you could host yourselves. Most people host with a host though, for numerous reasons – security, failover, backups, etc

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