Zaid I. asked 3 years ago

I need my money back, I'm trying to contact you and no one is replying to me..

I need a full refund for the stupid plugins I prurchase (Scalapility pro & Speedy search)

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

For refunds email refunds@superspeedyplugins.com and provide your order number(s) and I’ll sort out your refund. Alternatively you can request a refund through PayPal but it’s better for me if you do it through the email.

Why do you think these plugins are stupid??

Zaid I. answered 3 years ago

I’ve expalined to you before why these plugins are stupid, but I guess you are not checking your messages and emails. But anyways I will explain it to you again here:

Firstly, I sent many tickets and messages and there was no reply to me or the reply will be received within a month, and this is really bad support.

Secondly, Speedy search has ruined my website along with the database, And this cost me a lot while trying to fix what your plugin did.

Finally, the Scalability pro plugin is fake, it did not do anything, I did not see a 1% enhancement. 

Here is my advice to you:

Before starting selling a plugins. Test them on small & big sites, do a quality check and audit everything, this will help you to avoid such an angry client like me 🙂

And the most important thing, is to read FEEDBACK and to check your support tickets.

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