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creactive m. asked 2 years ago

hi I just purchased Scalability pro and ran wpallimport and saw no difference in import speed. I ran a csv import that is about 100MB, with thousands of rows and hundreds of columns in a spreadsheet. usually takes about 16 minutes to create 200 posts. But I see no speed increase after scalability pro.

I built the B-index as told and defered term counting for imports. My records per interation was 50. Is there some other setting I should tweak? Otwise I'd just like to get a refund. Thank you.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

You get more benefit from scalability pro the more products/posts you have on your site. If this is a fresh install, you won’t see the performance boost at the beginning, only after you have 10,000 products on your site already will you see WP All Import slowing down without scalability pro.

There is an upgrade coming to Scalability Pro in March to give even more speed boosts to WP All Import.

If you want more help, chat to us on discord here: https://www.superspeedyplugins.com/product/wordpress-performance-analysis/

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