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Christine G. asked 8 years ago

Hi Dave

I dont know if you can help me with this but with your experience with affiliate websites do you come across the issue with different image sizes?

On my website for example if you go to you will see they dont fit neatly across the page.

Are you aware of any fix for this or know what I should do. I have been told change image sizes on woocommerce settings but not really helping.

Thank you your plugins for my site have been incredible

Many thanks

Christine Gibbons

Fashion House Outlet Limited

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Vasil Y. answered 8 years ago

Hello Christine, apologies for the delay. I’m unsure if you solved your issue by now, but to me the pictures appear perfectly lined up – all except one which appears slightly bigger. The size can be regulated from the woocommerce settings, you can find a tutorial on how this is done here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you need any further assistance.

Christine G. answered 8 years ago

So I have images varying sizes examples

257.6 x 314.317

257.6 x 386.4

257.6 x 257.6

I currently have my catalogue settings at 1000 x 1500 with hard crop ticked

I need to keep the images 257.6 x 386.4

What do I need to do? I have been through tutorial and still not quite sure. Alos nervous as I have 40k products so I do not want to ruin my site.

Also as I have your external images plugin do I need to regenerate thumbnails


Christine Gibbons

Dave H. answered 8 years ago

Since you are using the External Images Plugin, the HARD CROP feature on WooCommerce will not work – the Hard Crop feature actually crops the image locally on your server before serving it up to customers. Since your images are external, this hard cropping on the server is not possible.
What IS possible is to hard crop the images using CSS on the client.
In your case, if you add the following CSS to your site you will get the images cropped client-side:
.page-template-default .woocommerce .products .product .qodef-product-list-image-holder, .page-template-full-width .woocommerce .products .product .qodef-product-list-image-holder, .qodef-woocommerce-page .products .product .qodef-product-list-image-holder {

Christine G. answered 8 years ago


I have tried this but I am still getting different image sizes if you look at attached

any ideas how to solve?

thanks again for your help

Christine Gibbons

Vasil Y. replied 8 years ago

The link doesn’t seem to work, it tells me the page doesn’t exist, are you still experiencing this issue?

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