Martin D. asked 7 years ago
Martin D. replied 7 years ago

Hi Vasil

Not sure how to upload a screenshot – but css selector is:


….which I think is the pre-installed default?

Vasil Y. replied 7 years ago

Hey Martin, most likely incorrect configuration for the not working URL – probably the CSS selector. Can you show me a screenshot of your configuration boxes on the settings page for the plugin? Thanks.

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Vasil Y. answered 7 years ago

Hey Martin, I believe you have the instructions all wrong.

Those are the default URLs that serve as a display case. If you want to configure products, you need to add it via the "add website" button in the settings page of the plugin and then proceed with adding the domain, logo and css selector accordingly.

Martin D. replied 7 years ago


The link connects to the correct page.The logo is correct. Other sites (except John Lewis) pick up the price. So – forgive me – but I don’t think “I have the instructions all wrong”!!!!

If there is a problem at my end then it can only be the css selector. What do YOU think is the DEFINITIVE css selector for


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