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. asked 4 years ago

Hi Dave Hilditch,

Im realy interesed to buy your plugin, as far what a saw I found awesome.

But I'm afraid if it will work on my website, what cann you say abaut that, how cann you help me in this stap?

Best regards,

Gustavo Ismael

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Price Comparison Pro integrates with WooCommerce automatically, or you can use the shortcodes to place one of the two widgets wherever you like on any post or page.

The main difficulty comes in configuring the scrapers for each website – with the Search Comparison widget this is almost entirely automatic, but it’s slightly harder with the Price Comparison widget that searches product detail pages. We have a lot of guides and examples showing how to do this in our support area.

If there’s any websites you struggle to scrape, ask a question here with the URL(s) you’re trying to scrape and I’ll provide the CSS/xPath for you.

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