Is Super Speedy Filters for me?

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Hello. I have a WooCommerce store built with Diviusing YITH Product Filters. The product category pages are quite slow and the filters take a very long time to produce the query. The store has over 4000 products, but the WP site is on a VPS that performs well. We use NitroPack as a caching solution and that speeds up most pages. The primary speed issue is the filtering. Is Super Speedy Filters the solution I need?

Is there a way we can test or see an example of it working before making a purchase? Or is there a money back quarantee if it doesn't work for us? Would we need any other plugins in conjunction with Super Speedy Filters based on the issue I've described?

Thanks in advance.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, Super Speedy Filters is the plugin you need. This on its own will solve the problem you’ve described.

But I’d recommend going for the Super Speedy Pack which includes Scalability Pro and Super Speedy Search too since probably your search is not all that fast which Super Speedy Search will fix and your wp-admin is probably annoying you with how slow it is which Scalability Pro can help with.

As for an example site to see the speed, check out – 800,000+ products, there is an object cache in use, but no page caching so you can see the raw speed.

We don’t have a trial mode yet, but we do provide a 60-day money back guarantee so you can try it and keep it!

If you just want to start with Super Speedy Filters, you can do that too and then within 30 days if you wish to upgrade to the Super Speedy Pack you can just pay the difference.

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