Is Super Speedy Filters for me?

. asked 2 years ago

Hello. I have a WooCommerce store built with Divi using YITH Product Filters. The product category pages are quite slow and the filters take a very long time to produce the query. The store has over 4000 products, but the WP site is on a VPS that performs well. We use NitroPack as a caching solution and that speeds up most pages. The primary speed issue is the filtering. Is Super Speedy Filters the solution I need?

Is there a way we can test or see an example of it working before making a purchase? Or is there a money back quarantee if it doesn't work for us? Would we need any other plugins in conjunction with Super Speedy Filters based on the issue I've described?

Thanks in advance.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

I’ve been chatting to you on Discord, but for others – we will at some point soon release a MONTHLY pack option for the Super Speedy Pack, but regardless for all of our purchases other than the monthly option there is a 60-day money back guarantee to give you time to try out the plugins and confirm they are what you need.

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