Major privacy issue with Scalability Pro

. asked 3 years ago

Hi. I purchased a lifetime account for Scalability Pro a few days ago and I'm busy trying it out on an online store. There are two things that are alarming to me right out the gate:

  1. There is a root-level menu item for Super Speedy Plugins to display license and installation statuses for all your plugins. In my opinion, it is not acceptable for any plugin to place non-essential items in the root menu. Once the plugin is authenticated, this is dead weight in a prominent position. Can this please be removed, which such info placed within the configuration of each plugin? Or at the very least, moved beneath tools or settings.
  2. My license key is displayed in plain text on the abovementioned page, for anyone to see.

Regards, Bryn.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Ok – these are valid points. I’ll get the License Key area updated so people can’t view it or copy it from you and I’ll move it under Settings.

Bryn B. replied 3 years ago

Thanks Dave!

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