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Ronni A. asked 7 years ago

Is anyone there ?

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John M. answered 7 years ago

Hi Ronni,

How can I help?

Ronni A. replied 7 years ago

I have tried to convert my site into https, but this external image plugin keeps telling that i cant load not https pictures in to a https site. It makes an error.
Is there any way i can see where or who of the merchants that i use who accutually use https server for the pictures? Or maybe it dosn’t take the pictures from their database but yours?

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi – I released version 1.7 of the External Images plugin today specifically to address this issue.

Now, if you have SSL enabled on your site and if an external image you have included is NOT SSL, the plugin will PROXY the image through your server (uses a bit of CPU but no disk space) and present the image as an HTTPS image to your users.

Hit check for updates to download the update now.

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