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Suuz M. asked 3 years ago


I purchased the Scalability Pro plugin and ran thru the settings and we found no difference in our page speed. We were especially hoping the backend speed would improve as it's extrememly slow.

I see the note about "Scalability Pro will not speed up tiny sites." You guys may consider us small and here are our numbers:

15 products

2,924 orders

483 users

We are not on a shared hosting plan and are hosted with AccuWeb Hosting. PHP 7.4 and a memory limit of 1024MB.

Can I talk you guys into taking a look at the backend and see if there's anything your plugin can improve on for us?


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi – I’ll be happy to take a look and help. On the backend – is it editing products or managing orders that is most painful?

Can you come to our discord server and we can chat in the new #performance-analysis channel?

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