No pricing visible. fetchremoteprice not defined error

Hein M. asked 3 years ago


I've purchased your Price Comparison Pro plugin yesterday but i.m running into a problem.

I'm using the plugin in a WP 5.6 install, no woocommerce, and i would like tu use the widget function to place some price comparrisons. It seems i'm scraping the price ok, but the witget doesn't get the correct input. In this test i've added a link,

In the Logging an ebug all seems fine. But when view the page and console there is an error fetch remote proce not defined.

Screenshots are included.

Can this be a version conflict? Have you even encountered this before?

I've already swapped themes and disabled elementor without luck sofar...

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Hein M. answered 3 years ago

Sorry correction, it seems not to work inside an elementer structure. Outside and with elementor plugin disabled it works like expected. Any thoughts how to correct this?

Rebecca G. answered 3 years ago

I’m having the same issue. Did you find a way to resolve it?

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