No Product found message and database error Table mnot found

Dennis L. asked 3 years ago

When i instll the newest sss version there is a database error saying that wp_superspeedysearch' doesn't exist . When i try to search a product nothing is found

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Latest versions definitely require this table to be created to get the new speed boosts.

But – building this table can take a while – on our demo site 900,000 products and growing, it’ll take about an hour to build everything.

The full release version will be kinder to people in that it will recognise that a table is being built but then not try to use that table from the front end – I’m aiming to have that version out this week.

But in the meantime, let the table generate and then you’ll get to enjoy truly instant search suggestions as you type.

Dennis L. replied 3 years ago

The tables are created now and the message of the building prozess is disappeared but still there is nothing found and the tables are empty

Dennis L. replied 3 years ago

I cant see a wp_superspeedysearch table i can see a wp_superspeedysearch.temp table

Dennis L. answered 3 years ago

Is there any update?

The Tables for sss are created but they are empty and nothing happens .

The fww ancestor Tables dont appear in my database even after i hit empty cache and rebuild

Dennis L. answered 2 years ago

still no answer? Can you at least tell me how to totally delete fww? i have deleted the plugin i have deleted the entries in option table , deleted Cache and waited for hours. After reinstalling the settings are still stored and no ancestor tables are created .

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