Over 2.5 million rows post_meta with Facetwp

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Hello there,

I wonder if Scalability Pro is for me. I host a WooCommerce website with over 60.000 products. 50.000 posts in a single custom post_type. A taxonomy with about 50.000 terms. It's using Litespeed and Facetwp for faceted dropdown. This facetwp's faceted dropdown works really slow.

Will Scalability Pro improve the speed of this site?


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

The way FacetWP works is pretty poor to be honest and it’s no wonder it’s slow if you look at their underlying code – they basically load your entire database into an object – this works really well and fast below 5000 products or so, but above that it’s very difficult to make that code pattern work fast.

I recommend you take a look at my Faster Woo Widgets plugin to handle your filters instead. The way it has been coded makes it scale to millions of products with sub-second filtering.

Can you also edit your question and explain more about your 50,000 terms in your taxonomy? That’s quite a lot – should still be fast – the thing that’s difficult to optimise in this area would be if you have 50,000 taxonomies.

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