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Fadi M. asked 7 years ago


whenever I activate the plugin pagination goes to 100. Of course most of those pages lead to 404, eg:

Also I wanted to ask for support for Woocommerce Brands Plugin and WooCommerce Ajax Plugin.

Brands Widget does not work since Scalability is activated: If I choose any of those brands, it results in "0 products found".

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John M. replied 7 years ago

Hi Fadi,

I hope you had a nice weekend.

One of the dev team will be in contact soon to help you with this.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi – Scalability Pro has a feature built into it which you can optionally use to help improve performance.

Specifically, this is in the WP_Query section – the option is called "Calculate totals for current page/search/archive"

When this is removed, Scalability Pro removes the expensive count operation which reads every product in your database and fakes ‘100 pages’.

That means pagination is broken – to work around this, removing counts must go hand-in-hand with switching to using infinite scroll. Infinite scroll does not need pagination numbers, users just scroll to the bottom and pages keep loading.

Also note – the option "Disable WooCommerce widget code" does exactly that – it removes slow WooCommerce widget code. If you have this option enabled, you need to switch out your WooCommerce widgets with our performance widgets.

For brands – use our Attribute widget and select ‘brand’ from the dropdown.

I hope this helps you – for top speed you should replace all the WooCommerce widgets with our equivalents. However – Ajax search should work – let me know if it doesn’t.

If instead you wish to keep using WooCommerce widgets and not get top speed, then alter the options in the settings page for Scalability Pro so that the WooCommerce widget code is loaded.

Fadi M. replied 7 years ago

Hi, thank you for your reply!

“For brands – use our Attribute widget and select ‘brand’ from the dropdown.”

Unfotunately “brands” is not available. Is your plugin compatible with Woocommerce Brands Plugin? Does not seem so. I really would like to replace all of the Woocommerce Widgets, BUT attributes can only be listed as dropdown or list. I bought a plugin called “Ajax-Enabled, Enhanced Layered Navigation” to offer a color picker to my visitors. Your Widgets do not allow that feature. Thats why I have to use the Widgets from “Ajax-Enabled, Enhanced Layered Navigation”.

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