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I\'m looking at your External Images plugin as a possible solution for my needs. Lools promising, but the performance of the demo sites (which are insecure, btw) is a significant concern. I would assume this is because the demo is designed to simply demonstrate that the plugin can function and serve external images and do so without costing you much to host your demo site. Completely understand if that\'s the case. However, I was wondering if you can share a link to a demo of anything somewhat performant that shows your plugin functioning in a way that wouldn\'t ruin a site\'s core web vitals score. If that\'s not possible or too much of a hassle, is there a trial option or method that allows me to test the fully-functioning plugin in order to invest the time in findng ways to optimize delivery of images? From what I can tell, the only way to do that is to spending a few hundred buying the plugin while I am testing. Thanks in advance. lighthouse-test-of-houzez-demo

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