pre sale question – would scalability pro help ?

. asked 4 years ago
hey guys, i tried multiple hosts and with all i am facing the same problem as shown bellow the "establishing connection" phase takes to darn long i am getting the speedy search plugin as the live search function is having slowdowns as well, but thats my main problem above site is:
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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

It’s impossible to say without knowing what’s running on your site. Scalability Pro helps in a lot of cases of slow TTFB (time to first byte) but not in all cases. I made a guide here to help you figure out if Scalability Pro will help:

Basically: If you have slow ‘Main’ queries (install Query Monitor to help) then yes, Scalability Pro will help. If instead the slowness is coming from things like WooCommerce widgets (price filter, attribute filter, category filter) or shortcodes (products on sale, popular products, best sellers) which retrieve a lot of rows quickly from the database but then perform PHP actions against each row then Faster Woo Widgets will help.

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

You can provide access through a support ticket but only existing customers can create support tickets. Did you take a look at the article I linked above? It goes through all the possible performance issues you could have?

Also – so you know, our demo site has 800,000 products on it using our plugins and it’s very fast.

. replied 4 years ago

i am running a dropshipping site, currently, only 400 products but going to add about 20k within days, which why this problem at this stage is very worrying
i already have query monitor installed but couldnt really grasp its finiding

where can i share quick access just so you can take a view, i am willing to get all extensions that might help because i am unable to even manage my products right now

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