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Quesiton on: WP theme, WP Residence ( currently stores images as such:





These are currently imported as images from external full URLs (for every image) via WP All Import. I am looking for a plugin that stores the image URLs and refers to the images via the external URL (full size and reduced images, including featured image). I am not a programmer, so would need this to happen seamlessly via WP All Import. Does your plugin handle this for multiple images... as well as the featured image?Do you offer a money back guarantee?Thanks,Curtis Carmichael

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

External Images lets you import images to your postmeta table and as such it ensures that the images stay OFF your server.

In order for themes to make use of these external images, they should use the proper provided WordPress functions to grab the featured image, the gallery, the variation images etc.

In any case, if they don’t code their theme/plugin according to official docs, there is fallback code built into external images to cater for that, so it must be approaching something like 95% Theme compatibility.

We offer a money-back guarantee, but if you purchase and it doesn’t work with your theme, please ask a fresh question describing your theme, tell me if the images display in these areas:

  • Edit post/edit product in wp-admin (normally the images should always appear here)
  • Product detail page/post detail page – the featured images should always work, whether galleries work depends on your theme declaring gallery support
  • Archive pages – this is the trickier part to cover every single theme – in cases where the theme isn’t compatible you might see: No images, double images or placeholder images.

If your theme does not work, please describe which of the cases above you are experiencing. i.e. confirm you can see the images in the edit-post or edit-product page, confirm they exist on product detail/post detail and describe the type of issue on your archive pages.

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