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Hello, I have come across your plugin and think it looks interesting, I have not see a plugin before that approaches WP or Woocommerce optimisation like this.

We run an ecommerce site with a lot of orders in the DB and probably about 3K products plus variations (9k ish total).

It is a live business critical site and I am curious as to whether your plugin could cause any conflict or interference with other plugins. I ask because it is affecting how plugins interact with the DB and so want to be sure we will not see any issues (I am tech savvy but definitely not a developer).

Would you mind letting me know your thoughts on this?

Note: I have added my list of active plugins for reference just in case.



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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

The main functionality of Scalability Pro is compatible with everything – the indexes added do not break things, although when you are creating the indexes you might experience a minute of downtime so you should schedule that accordingly.

There are some options in Scalability Pro which can interfere with other plugins – so you need to be careful to read the description thoroughly next to each option.

For example – if you use the option to remove sort options and then another plugin relies on the sort order then that could affect the other plugin, but these are options you can enable/disable.

With your small number of products, you won’t see a massive boost from Scalability Pro – it actually depends where the source of your slowdown is coming from.

You should read this guide first to figure out if it’s Scalability Pro or Faster Woo Widgets that you need to help speed up your site:

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