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. asked 7 years ago

Hi good day,

not sure if you recieved my previous questions regarding how WPI Fast WordPress Stack ( )

and Scalability Pro ( ) can help speed up checkout pages?

Here's some context:

  • my WooCommerce site will have up to 50K SKUs
  • it also uses Advanced custom fields Pro
  • my site sales time sensitive items, and hence whenever something is new, many people will rush into the site and start to checkout.

Based on current estimates, I need to be able to support a checkout rate of up to 3 checkouts per second; may i know is WPI Fast WordPress Stack and Scalability Pro able to help speed up or enhance performance on checkout pages?

Thank you very much!

. replied 7 years ago

anyone ?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi – yes, Scalability Pro will help you. What it does is to eliminate table scans which significantly speed up queries AND reduce load on your server.

As you know, caching will not help your checkout pages as they are all unique, so you really want the underlying database queries to be fast. That’s what Scalability Pro does.

I don’t have measurements on the improvement to the checkout pages yet, but there is a 60-day money-back guarantee and if you go for Scalability Pro we can use measurements against your site to demonstrate these specific speed boosts to others.

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