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. asked 4 years ago

Hello, question concerning Scalability Pro.

The plugin seems to be aimed mostly at owners of Ecommerce sites. My site is a news content site with around 6,000 posts. After moving to a Vultr server with MySql 8, I noticed a slowdown in the admin panel. (the site is loading quite fast for external users viewing content).Installing Query Monitor, clicking edit for a typical post is taking 14.9 seconds. It looks to be core WP problem, with a query to Postmeta table taking 14.5 seconds.

My question is, would Scalability Pro be useful for eliminating the slowdown problem I am having, and for future scalability of the site?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes – there are many plugins that query against wp_postmeta and Scalability Pro optimises these queries by adding indexes that those custom queries then use.

Even with only 6,000 posts, wp_postmeta could be 300,000 rows or more. If SQL queries do not use an index against a table of that size it means that the queries need to check every single row. Checking 300,000 rows is slow and is where your 14 seconds is coming from.

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