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Kostas M. asked 3 years ago


We checked the demo at and need to know if Super speedy search supports dropdown layout with thumbnails, categories and taxonomies along the results, a compact layout and option not to auto refresh the product archives as we can see at the demo (also you need more realistic search widget at demo)

and for faster woo widgets, are there options to have widgets with specific categories and/or custom taxonomies? is there an ajax price slider (if yes, why you do not place it at the demo?) and really the demo is slow and as I read there are more questions about it and seems to be weird, that you advertise how fast your plugins are! kindly advice, you have not demos in order to test against our sites, at least fix or reduce the products at your demo in order to be near a normal speed shop!

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi – thanks for your interest. On Foundthru I had Super Speedy Search set to NOT use the fulltext index which is why it was so slow – I’d been creating videos for the plugin to show people how slow normal search is.

I’ve changed the options now, so if you go searching on foundthru now you’ll see the fulltext speed:

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi – I see bakeware coming back sub-second – – maybe you’d checked before I reactivated Super Speedy Searhc.

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

I typed in search box the word “bakeware” and it tooks so long 4+ min and finally I closed the browser tab … so, we cannot check the behavor and the functionality of adaptive mode or a kind of using in order to finilized in our mind what the customers will see and use …

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your effort to meet our requirements …
So, right now with your plugin when you search i.e with a taxonomy of publishers for books will bring back the books as products and be selecting the adaptive mode will filter the rest of widgets, is this right? That is not far from a more confortable way or what the customer wait to see! I don’t know what is the challenge about coding, but I believe that should first give the options to select and next to filter. Meaning, somehow to have a dropodown and/or a popup with the results (i.e. to include products, categories,taxonomies/attributes etc in a form) and when click on one of them to proceed to filter the widgets and show the products regarding the selection. What are you thoughs about it and why you did not create a procedure for results->select->filter? Maybe your approach is better!?

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

What I mean is: on your search results page you could include a Faster Woo Widgets taxonomy or category widget and this widget would be filtered based on the search you’d just performed. That means you could present a list of matching taxonomies/categories/attributes/colours/whatever above the search results and provide this extra option you want to provide to your users to show matching taxonomies.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

The price filter has to join to wp_postmeta – it does it in the fastest way possible, but still – it’s a range query on a meta_value column that isn’t numeric so can’t use an index. I’m working on a solution for that soon.

re: searching taxonomies – I’ve got that bit disabled in the beta right now because it wasn’t quite working how I wanted it – if you had a taxonomy called Books, it was returning every product under books when really it should just show you the matching taxonomy options.

But note: if you search ‘Harry Potter’ on, you’ll see the taxonomies on the side DO become filtered because they have the ‘adaptive filters’ setting enabled. This may be close to what you want, but how about you tell me how you’d like it to behave and I’ll add that as an option?

I was coding Super Speedy Search Beta updates today, so the code is all fresh in my mind and I can implement something cool for you.

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your quick response!
Just to be clear for us … does ” super speedy search” searching along categories and taxonomies? if yes, what are the customers see as result? i.e. if you have books as products, then maybe I want to search for a publisher (custom taxonomy or attribute), what will the plugin return?

We do not know how you implement it, but how the price range slider adds 10s and why should be restricted when taxonomy is selected?

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

re: dropdown with thumbnails – that WAS in super speedy search, it’s not right now, but there is a widget that will update the actual woocommerce results (rather than a dropdown) – it just ajaxes the woocommerce archive as you search. If you type into the SIDEBAR Super Speedy Search you’ll see the products searching immediately without the user having to hit enter. If they DO hit enter currently then it DOES go to a new page.

The top search box is also super speedy search but not ajaxified.

I’ve added a price range slider for you, but it’s not recommended to use this on your shop home page – it should be restricted to when a taxonomy is selected (e.g. when a category or brand is selected) otherwise you see 10s perf on this million product store which is pretty slow.

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

Yes, now for so many products seems to be fast! Something last … have you implement for speedy search an autocomplete dropdown with thumbnails and results with categories and taxonomies? In addition, is there a price slider with ajax, meaning not submit button?

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

Also – re: Faster Woo Widgets – yes, categories, custom taxonomies, ajax price etc, yes – I’ve re-enabled a bunch of these – they all got disabled when I’d put Oxygen onto that website to test the speed of Oxygen. If you click here then expand the BRANDS widget you’ll see a custom taxonomy in practice – same with TAGS:

Sorry for the temporary slow demo site but we use it a lot for testing various things and fixing them. I’ve got Glyn building a large demo store that won’t be edited and it’ll have various subdomains so you can see it all with different options, different themes etc and I’ll figure out some way of allowing potential customers to try out the admin panels too.

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