VISHAL R. asked 7 years ago

Price comparision pro stopped working after latest update.

I am not able to figure out solution.

Need help.

VISHAL R. replied 7 years ago

Can you please check this url :
It stopped working suddenly

Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

I’m marking this resolved. Got plenty people using Price Comparison Pro and I’m using it myself and it’s working great.

Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

If you can provide a URL or anything helpful to me so I can diagnose – if you’re not comfortable sending that here, send it to

Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

Hi – I need more info. What is happening? Are you using the scraping service? Other clients are using it and it’s working for them, and it’s still working on my own sites too.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

It’s not working because of your aggressive Cloudfront JS minification. If anyone else experiences problems, please try disabling JS minification or use alternative minification algorithms.

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